Labor Day has past, students are starting school, the weather is turning… fall is fast approaching.

Northern Michigan has started to slow down, but that doesn’t mean families, couples, and friends can’t enjoy a relaxing getaway to a close destination. Our crew put together a list of their favorite spots on Mackinac Island they like to enjoy when the peak summer season has come to an end.

Fort Holmes: At night – if the sky is clear – Teresa feels she can reach up and touch the stars, it’s so peaceful and quiet. Kim says Fort Holmes offers the BEST views from the Island.

Eagle Point Cave: Karen enjoys walking on the trail to Eagle Point Cave – it gives her a sense of peace and time to renew oneself.

The boardwalk: Julie offers a personal memory associated with the Broad walk. For over 20 years, her and her son would drive up from Alabama to come to Mackinac Island, get an ice cream cone, walk the boardwalk at sunset and talk of our hopes and dreams.

Anne’s Tablet Trail: Next to the Somewhere in Time gazebo and Fort Mackinac, Hannah says Anne’s Tablet Trail is an amazing spot for taking pictures and hammocking.

Lastly, Shepler’s Mackinac Island Dock: Damion, one of our Dock Leads, says the Island Dock is his home away from home. He has met many friends on the dock and worked with an amazing crew throughout the years.

Fall is near – come #RideSheplers to Mackinac Island and visit some of our favorite hotspots!