Puppy LOVE – Shepler’s Ferry is Pet Friendly

For Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating our furriest, friendliest, tail-waggingest guests!  We LOVE your pets and there are many ways that we show it. Your pet will always get a free ride on Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry.  We love little dogs, big dogs, dogs with squishy faces, dogs with big noses, dogs with big floppy ears,… Read more »

7 Tips for the Best Fall on Mackinac Island

Every season has its own special qualities on Mackinac Island, but Fall seems to bring out the true beauty.  Warm breezes turn crisp and the deep green of the pine trees mingle with the flaming reds and yellows of the Maple and Beech trees.  If you are planning a trip to enjoy the Island’s majestic… Read more »

The Reason Behind the Smiles

Do you love your job? We do.  And it shows in the smiles that you see when you ride our ferries. As any company can, we could give you a list of benefits and perks of working for us. But, when we start recruiting new cast members, we aren’t looking for people who just like… Read more »

6 Fun Things to do with Kids on Mackinac Island

Now that school is out and summer vacation is in full swing, we know more of you are planning your summer vacation.  Traveling with kids is a blast, but sometimes it can be hard to find things that the whole family will enjoy.  We put together a list of 6 fun things to do on... Read more »

Top 5 ways to spend your time waiting for the Lilac Parade to start.

With Lilac Festival winding down this weekend, I thought I would take a minute and share some of the best kept secrets on the Island. Some places where you can go to escape the crowds, because that’s why we all go to the Island, right?  To escape?  On Sunday, when you are waiting for the… Read more »

What does “Opening Day” Mean to Us?

When you hear the term “Opening Day”, you might imagine a fresh cut infield and the smack of a bat hitting a leather-covered ball. When we hear “Opening Day”, we are immediately overwhelmed with the feeling of coming home. The boats wake up from their long winter hibernation, and the faces that we have missed… Read more »