Even before the 2017 season was over, we were planning for 2018.  We have quite a few improvement projects in the works and they started November 1st, the day after we closed for the 2017 navigation season.  We are certainly not wasting any time!

Mackinaw City Parking

Our top priority in the off-season for Mackinaw City is our off-site day parking lot, located directly across from I-75 exit 338.  Until now, our day parking has been split into 5 lots. They are all on the same property, but with very different surfaces.  One is paved, one is grass, and 3 are gravel.  Our project this year is to pave all of the lots to improve your parking experience.

Also in the works are designated tram stops, so there is no confusion as to where guests will be picked up to be taken to the dock.  Additionally, we have purchased a second tram to speed up the process of guest transportation to and from the dock.  We are anxiously awaiting its arrival. It should be here this month.  (We’ll post pictures when it arrives!)

Mackinac Island Dock Expansion

As we announced in our “Here we Grow Again” blog, we are expanding our Mackinac Island dock. On November 1st, a barge and crane were delivered to the Mackinac Island dock to help with the demolition of the building and the deconstruction is well underway.

Courtesy Mackinac Island Tourist Bureau

Courtesy Mackinac Island Tourist Bureau

We are very excited about this project and what it means for our guests.  Watch our Facebook page for regular updates on the expansion and everything we have going on to better our service for the 2018 season.


Jerry Otto

The upgrades for parking and the pick-up stations will be welcome in my book. That was the only improvements I was hoping to see. Otherwise, love your service.

Misty Martinchek

Thanks, Jerry. The parking area is definitely where we saw a need for improvement, just like you did. Our goal is to eliminate the confusion of where to go to get a ride to the dock and also give some order to the line to get on the tram. We’re excited to see the project progress. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Suzanne M. Halligan

Cannot wait for the 2018 Season. Thank you for all you have done for my family. Your compassion after my wife passed away and the goodness of your employees is beyond compare.

Misty Martinchek

Thank you. We are happy to hear that we made even a small difference in your time of sorrow. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming season. Take care and have a great winter!

John Owen

Looking forward to next summer and your new expansions.
Your operation is Top Notch! If our government operated as efficiently
as you folks do, our country would be in better shape!

Misty Martinchek

Rita, it’s our happy place, too! Glad we have so much in common. Thank you for riding with us!

Mike Rabe

Can’t wait for 2018 , had a great time with the shuttle driver to the lot can’t remember his name but he had ice cream every night ! He is a keeper , makes your guests have fun

Misty Martinchek

Mike, You’re probably thinking of Alan. He’s got so many stories and we are happy to have him on board. (Pun intended 😉 )

Daniel Long

Had a great visit on your Miss Maggie to the Island again this fall. Will enjoy the new parking and dock enhancements.

Misty Martinchek

Daniel, Thanks for riding with us this fall. Be sure to watch our updates on Facebook throughout the winter to get a sneak peak into all of the improvements we’re making. See you next year!

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