Even before the 2017 season was over, we were planning for 2018.  We have quite a few improvement projects in the works and they started November 1st, the day after we closed for the 2017 navigation season.  We are certainly not wasting any time!

Mackinaw City Parking

Our top priority in the off-season for Mackinaw City is our off-site day parking lot, located directly across from I-75 exit 338.  Until now, our day parking has been split into 5 lots. They are all on the same property, but with very different surfaces.  One is paved, one is grass, and 3 are gravel.  Our project this year is to pave all of the lots to improve your parking experience.

Also in the works are designated tram stops, so there is no confusion as to where guests will be picked up to be taken to the dock.  Additionally, we have purchased a second tram to speed up the process of guest transportation to and from the dock.  We are anxiously awaiting its arrival. It should be here this month.  (We’ll post pictures when it arrives!)

Mackinac Island Dock Expansion

As we announced in our “Here we Grow Again” blog, we are expanding our Mackinac Island dock. On November 1st, a barge and crane were delivered to the Mackinac Island dock to help with the demolition of the building and the deconstruction is well underway.

Courtesy Mackinac Island Tourist Bureau

Courtesy Mackinac Island Tourist Bureau

We are very excited about this project and what it means for our guests.  Watch our Facebook page for regular updates on the expansion and everything we have going on to better our service for the 2018 season.