Employee: Carolyn C.

Position/Location: Dock Hand in Mackinaw City/ Intern in St. Ignace Office

Years with the company: Third season with Shepler’s

Hometown: Cheboygan, MI

About: My name is Carolyn C. and as a part of my internship with Shepler’s I will be writing a few blogs each month highlighting one of our cast members. This week I am introducing myself. Entering my junior year at Alma College, I am obtaining a double major in Communications and Marketing, with a minor in Environmental Studies. At Alma, I am a member of the Track and Field team. I also enjoy horseback riding and traveling. I have visited twenty-two of the fifty states, and have spent time in London, England, as well as Paris, France.

Favorite part of working at Shepler’s: While there are many advantages to working at Shepler’s, my three favorites include: interacting with new guests each day, working outdoors, and creating friendships with my coworkers. Between my love for traveling and meeting new people, each day of work is exciting as I get the chance to help someone else’s adventures become more enjoyable.

My Shepler’s Story: During my second season with Shepler’s I was assisting two guests with their luggage when I noticed that they had an Alma College bumper sticker. I mentioned to the family that I liked the sticker because I attend Alma College. The couple told me that they had met at Alma, where they were members of the Track and Field team. Discovering how small the world truly is, I expressed that I also ran Track and Field. During my conversation with the alumni, I learned that they ran alongside my coach, during their time at Alma. At the end of our discussion, they told me where to find them at the next Homecoming Football game. Upon their return from Mackinac Island, they saw me again and told me about their wonderful experience with Shepler’s.

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