Ride Shepler’s and walk the ENTIRE Mackinac Bridge this 2018 Labor Day!


Mackinaw City to St. Ignace


This Labor Day, we are excited to be offering three direct departures for the morning bridge walk. Join us and enjoy a complete walk from peninsula to peninsula. See the schedule below:

6:00 am – Departure from Mackinaw City to St. Ignace
6:30 am – Departure from St. Ignace to Mackinaw City
7:00 am – Departure from Mackinaw City to St. Ignace

$20.00 per adult
$10.00 per child (ages 5-12)
Free for children under 5 years of age.Tickets for our Labor Day direct departures are available in-person at the ticket office starting at 5am while they last.  All tickets are non-refundable unless the walk is cancelled.  Tickets will be sold for the capacity of each departure.

We’re encouraging guests to walk between our St. Ignace dock and Little Bear Arena, where shuttles will be available to take guests to the north end of the bridge.  We’ll be offering limited transportation between our dock and Little Bear Arena.  If walking from Mackinaw City, guests can take a shuttle from the north end of the bridge to Little Bear Arena and walk to our St. Ignace dock.

Guests wishing to walk the entire bridge and then visit Mackinac Island may simply purchase a regular round trip ticket and “boat hop” via the island.  Visit sheplersferry.com/schedule to view our regular printed schedule for Labor Day.

For questions and concerns about the many changes to this year’s Labor Day Bride Walk, please visit mackinacbridge.org.

We anticipate a sell out for these direct departures, so be sure to buy your tickets early!  If you have questions regarding these new departures, please let us know by emailing  info@sheplersferry.com or by calling our office at 1-800-828-6157. (Mon-Fri 9 am – 5 pm Eastern Standard time)

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Ida smith

Will you offer a boat shuttle from the island to Ignace the morning of the walk, then a shuttle from dock to bridge.

Misty Martinchek

We will be offering additional departures at 6am and 7am from the Island to St. Ignace. We will not have ground transportation to the bridge, but will have limited transportation from our dock to Little Bear Arena where you can take the provided shuttle to the bridge. We are encouraging guests to walk to the arena, which is 2 blocks from our dock. Have a great time!

Jane Weyher

Will Shepler’s provide parking if using their ferry to St Ignace prior to the Bridge Walk?

Misty Martinchek

You will be able to park for free in our Day Lot in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace, depending on your final destination. Have a great time!

Corinne Eisenman

Hello, I’m new to this walk and have a question. Is it allowed to park in Mackinaw city, walk across the bridge, turn around halfway and finally return to Mackinaw City to retrieve my car?
If so- where is the designated parking? Thank you!

Misty Martinchek

If you choose to park in Mackinaw City and walk half the bridge and return, there are several spots to park in the City. Most of the parking lots that day will have event parking for a fee.

Mary Bridgeman

Is it possible to park in St. Ignace and walk the full bridge. Get a ferry from mackinac city over to the island and then take a ferry back to St. Ignace?

Misty Martinchek

That is definitely possible. Our St. Ignace dock will be open at 6am that morning.

Kathy Perutelli

We are staying overnight on the island before walking the bridge. I was told by a friend, that on the morning of the walk to send our luggage back to Mackinaw City, where are car is parked, and then take a boat to St. Ignace. Wanted to check to make sure that was okay to do.

Misty Martinchek

Sounds like a plan! We look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!

Misty Martinchek

Strollers are allowed on the boat, but please check the official rules of the Bridge Walk at mackinacbridge.org to see if they are allowed on the walk.

David L.

I see you mention that tickets will be sold for the capacity of each departure. Being our first experience with BridgeWalk, I’m not sure what to expect for queue time doing a S.I. > M.I. ferry. Once walking into S.I. would there be a place in the queue reserved once checking in? I see it’s ok to “hop” and return from M.I. > M.C. In the event something prevents us from walk into S.I. is it equally ok to “hop” ferry from M.C. > M.I. instead or does that interfere with the aforementioned departure totals procedure? Do you anticipate ticket sell-out? Thanks, all helps to get a feel for if it’s smarter to buy tickets in advance versus not.

Misty Martinchek

The only tickets that we are taking reservations for are the direct departures that go from Mackinaw City to St. Ignace or the reverse. Regular departures that are listed on our schedule will still work the same way as our regular tickets, and are open for any departure date and time. Our direct departure boat holds 281 people and that will be the number of tickets that are sold for those three departures. Whichever departure you specify when purchasing, is the departure that you need to be on. If you do the walk first, no matter where you start from, you can buy a round trip ticket and go to the Island and then on to the city where your vehicle is parked. As of August 15th, we have about 100 tickets left on each departure, but we do expect to sell out as we get closer to the date. The direct departure tickets have to be purchased online prior to arrival. Please note that they are non-refundable. Have a great walk! We’ll see you in a couple weeks!

David L.

Thanks for the details. Since our plan is to take regular round-trip island ferry and those are flexible/not reserved, sounds like I ought to just get the tickets when we walk into S.I. dock. Hard to predict our timing and what to anticipate for quantity of competing passengers. A lot of variables so will see how it goes!


You save a couple of dollars a ticket to the Island by buying them online in advance. Your ticket is good for whatever departure you decide to take and you will not have to stand in line to buy tickets when you are trying to catch a ferry.

Tammy Noirot

If walking from Mackinaw City to St. Ignace, in order to return to Mackinaw City am I reading correctly, a person needs to ferry to the island and then take the return ferry to Mackinaw from there? Somehow using a round trip ticket?

Misty Martinchek

That is correct. The other option would be to take one of our direct departures, at either 6am or 7am from Mackinaw City to St. Ignace and then walk back to Mackinaw City. Those tickets have to be purchased in advance, online. Enjoy the walk!

Natalie Lazuka

The cost for the ferry is $20 a person but is there a cost for the shuttle from the arena to the bridge or is that included in the ferry ticket cost? When traveling from Mackenaw City to St. Ignace to start the walk?

Misty Martinchek

The boat trip and shuttle are completely separate. Please see mackinacbridge.org for information on the shuttles to the bridge. We hope you have a great time walking the Bridge!

Heather Trylch

We plan to take the ferry from Mackinaw City to St. Ignace. How far is it from the dock to the shuttle?

Misty Martinchek

The dock is only 2 blocks from the arena where you pick up the shuttle. Have a great walk!


How does the “boat hop” work? If we buy a round trip from St. Ignace to the island, can we take a ferry to Mackinaw City from the island, instead of going back to St. Ignace? Do we need to do anything besides show up?

Misty Martinchek

You can use the second half of the round trip ticket to go from the Island to Mackinaw City. You do not need to do anything special for this, just purchase a ticket and go!


Hi. We’re first timer bridge walkers planning to walk from St. Ignace to Mackinaw City. If we take the ferry from M.C. to S.I, and walk across the bridge, how do we get from the south end of the bridge back to our car at the Shelper’s day parking lot? Thanks!

Misty Martinchek

There is no ground transportation from the Bridge to the parking lot, so you would need to walk. The lot is about 4 blocks from the end of the Bridge Walk. Have a great time!

Misty Martinchek

If you are ending your walk in Mackinaw City, the bridge is about 6-7 blocks to the dock or 4 blocks to our day parking lot. Have a great walk!


How far is the 6 or 7 blocks? Is it clearly marked how to get there? Would it be easier to walk the 5 miles back to st ignace?

Misty Martinchek

Just make your way to Central Avenue and turn left. We’re right at the end of that street. Much easier to find us in Mackinaw City than to walk the Bridge back.

Jeanne Hanson

If the bridge walk is cancelled due to weather can we get a refund on the bridge walk ticket from Mackinaw City to St Ignace? I see that the weather that day is predicted to be rain with thunderstorms although I know that this can change very quickly. Thank you.

Misty Martinchek

If the walk is cancelled, we will issue refunds. The walk will continue if it is just raining. Hopefully the thunderstorms hold off until afternoon. See you tomorrow!

Jill hulvey

We have tickets for ferry ride from St. Ignace to Mackinac then we are walking north. Is there any shuttles from your ports to or from the bridge on either end?

Misty Martinchek

If you end in St. Ignace, you will take a shuttle from the end of the walk to Little Bear Arena and walk the 2 blocks to our dock. If you are ending in Mackinaw City, there are no shuttles provided. The walk from the end of the walk to the dock is about 6-7 blocks.


How far is your dock in St. Ignace to the beginning of the bridge in St. Ignace where the walk starts from?

Misty Martinchek

The start of the walk is about 2 1/2 miles from our dock. We suggest that you walk to Little Bear Arena (2 blocks from our dock) and take the shuttle to the start of the walk. Have a great time!

Lynn K

Are there shuttles at the end of the walk to take to to the boat dock to catch a ferry to the island and back to your starting point no matter which direction you walk?

Misty Martinchek

If you end in St. Ignace, you will take a shuttle from the end of the walk to Little Bear Arena and walk the 2 blocks to our dock. If you are ending in Mackinaw City, there are no shuttles provided. The walk from the end of the walk to the dock is about 6-7 blocks.


How far is it from the st ignace dock to the start of the bridgewalk (on the St. Ignace side)?

Misty Martinchek

Our dock is about 2 1/2 miles from the start of the walk. We suggest that you walk to Little Bear Arena and take the shuttle to the bridge. Little Bear is 2 blocks from our dock.


Is there expected a long wait for the shuttles at the arena? And is there a cost for the shuttle?

Misty Martinchek

Since this is the first year doing the walk this way, we’re not really sure what the wait will be at Little Bear. They are taking donations for the shuttle, but there is no set cost.


If we have tickets for the 6:00 a.m. bridge walk ferry from Mackinaw City, should we go directly to the day parking lot when we arrive in MC? Or do we need to stop by the dock first?

Misty Martinchek

Go directly to our Day Lot at 311 S. Nicolet Street. We will have shuttles to take you from that lot to our dock starting at 5am.

Misty Martinchek

We have a ferry leaving at 5:30 that goes to the Island to pick people up then on to St. Ignace. It will arrive right around the same time as the 6am direct departure.

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