We are excited to announce another enhancement to our operation.  We are implementing a new and improved parking system designed for optimum efficiency for you, our guests.

St. Ignace Guests

If you travel with us through St. Ignace, please proceed to the dock for all parking.  The entire lot at the St. Ignace Dock is newly paved.  Day parking is free, and overnight parking is $5.00 per night.

Mackinaw City Day Guests

Mackinaw City guests that are visiting for the day, save significant time and go directly to our FREE Day Parking Lot located across from exit 338 off of I-75 N.  One of our projects last winter was to purchase a brand new tram to add to our transportation fleet. We are thrilled that we will have two trams on a constant loop to bring you to the dock.  The entire Day Lot was paved this past year, and new tram stops have been constructed.  Day guests will also have the opportunity to park in our Premium on-site lot at the dock for $25.00. If you would like to take advantage of the Premium parking, please go straight to the dock.

Mackinaw City Overnight Guests

Overnight guests should proceed directly to our dock.  We are offering two types of overnight parking this year, both of which are self-park: Standard parking for $5.00 per night, and Premium parking for $25.00 per night. In addition, we’re very excited to announce that more premium dockside parking is now available in Mackinaw City!

Stay tuned for additional updates on our parking facilities as our paving projects near completion, the construction of our tram stops continues, and landscaping of our new beautiful parking areas gets underway in preparation for our April 21 opening!  We’re looking forward to our greatest year yet and we couldn’t do it without you.




Ann Sajtar

What is your arrangements for handicap parking. Last year you made handicap people park in the off site lot and walk through grass. We had one of our handicap people with us get caught on grass and fall.

Misty Martinchek

Thank you for your comments. We will have handicapped accessible parking in all of our lots this year. We also will have our entire day lot paved for our guest’s convenience. We look forward to seeing you again this summer!

Patricia M. Goff

There will 3 of us who traveled to the island last October. We have 3 $2.00 off tickets and are staying at the Grand Hotel in May. Can we order tickets online or do we have to wait until we arrive at the dock to buy our tickets? We will want to park at the dock for the 3 days we will be on the island.

Misty Martinchek

Patricia, Glad to hear that you will be traveling with us shortly. You can order tickets online before you arrive. I would suggest getting our 3 Adult package for $64.00. That is the most economical option for you. If you choose to purchase the tickets individually, the online rate is the same discounted rate that you would get for being guests of Grand Hotel. Have a great trip!

Ken Booker

What security, if any, is available for day parking and premium parking?
Thank you.

Kathleen Johnson

Hi Patricia. We have different options depending on your departure location. Can you please give us a call during regular business hours at 231.436.5023 so we can assist you personally? Thank you!

Joe Hamilton My grandfather was a Newton

When are your trips to St Helena In.

Misty Martinchek

Joe, the trips to St. Helena are booked through the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association. You can find their schedule at gllka.com.

Phil Reece

What does your premium parking include? We stay a couple of night’s on the island, we have always pulled up to the and parked at the ticket area, and they took it from there. How should we do it this year?

Misty Martinchek

Phil, our premium parking is located right at our Mackinaw City dock. We will unload your bags and tag them for your hotel in our unloading area and then you can park your car in any spot in the lot right on-site. We have typically limited the spots on-site, but this year there will be more available. We look forward to seeing you again this year!


For overnight guests, what is the difference between the $5 and $25 parking? Is valet still available?

Misty Martinchek

Thank you for the question. The $25.00 parking is right at the Mackinaw City Dock. The $5.00 parking is about 4 blocks from our dock in Mackinaw City. St. Ignace overnight parking is $5.00 and is available on-site at the St. Ignace dock. We no longer have the option of valet. All of our parking is now self-park. We look forward to seeing you this year!

Gary Bargholz

So if we are staying on the Island, and would like to take the Perseid Meteor Shower Cruise, how does one get back to the Island at 1AM?
Maybe this is not possiable.

Misty Martinchek

Gary, unfortunately we will not have a way to get you back to the Island after the meteor shower cruise. All of the cruises leave from and return to Mackinaw City exclusively.

Rebecca Phillips

We are planning a two night stay on the island and wondering if the overnight parking lot @ St. Ignace dock is fenced in (protected)?

Misty Martinchek

Rebecca, The lot is not completely fenced, but there are natural barriers that make getting in the lot more difficult unless you are coming through the main drive. By June, the driveways will be gated.

Patricia Bailey

What RV parking is available. I drive a 22 foot RV and wii need overnight parking.

Misty Martinchek

RVs will be able to park in our standard overnight lot for $10.00 per night. Spots are available in both Mackinaw City and St. Ignace. We hope you have a great trip!

Tammy Vannest

Hello – We have been visiting since 1998 and we only use Sheplers!!
We will be visiting in late June for the weekend and plan to use the premium parking option. As we have a 5 hour drive to get there, is it possible there may not be any on site parking spaces available? Just don’t want to arrive planning to park dockside, only to find out we have to go 4 blocks away and lose time.
Thank you & look forward to traveling Shepler’s again!

Misty Martinchek

Tammy – Thank you for being a loyal Shepler’s Guest! With this being the first year that we are using this new parking system, we aren’t entirely sure how full the lot will be throughout the season. We do have 400 spots in the Premium Lot and have not filled it yet this year. We look forward to seeing you and your family next month!

candice joyce

I am a first timer. I think I will buy our tickets online for the ferry. My first question is, Can we use the tickets for any of the scheduled times? And how will I get my tickets? Are they mailed or electronic ?

Misty Martinchek

Welcome Aboard, Candice! If you purchase tickets online, you will receive your confirmation by email. You can either print that out or bring it on your phone and we can scan from that. All of our tickets are good for any date or departure during the 2018 season. We hope you enjoy your inaugural trip to Mackinac Island!

Sara Jo

Our family of 4 will soon be taking Sheplers to the island for a two night stay. It says you tag our bags for our hotel. Does that mean they are brought to our hotel for us?

Misty Martinchek

It depends on which hotel will be using. If you are at the Grand Hotel, Mission Point Resort, or The Island House, your luggage will be taken directly to your hotel. If you are staying at any of the other hotels or bed and breakfasts, your luggage will be under the covered area at the top of the dock when you get to Mackinac Island. Hotels have porters stationed there to take your luggage for you. We hope you have a great trip!


Coming to the Island Wednesday evening between 8:00 – 9:00 pm, will want to park in the standard lot, is there a tram running from there to take us back to the dock?

Misty Martinchek

Glad to hear that you are coming to see us this week. We will have shuttles running all evening to and from the standard lot. Have a great time on the Island!

wally k.

myself and family will be once again using your st. Ignace dock to the Island for 4 nights stay. in the past I have parked in the far far back area, with the understanding this is not “secured” 24 hours, but is also not a “cost per night” charge. is this still an option over the $5 fee per night for parking?
also we are staying at a private home in the annex, at what time in the boat trip over (excluding the under the bridge tour) should I phone for the “taxi service” on the island for the route to the home? and…….. many thanks for the PROFESSIONAL service you and your teams have provided in the past.

Misty Martinchek

Thank you for your continued loyalty to our company. We are in business because of guests like you and your family. We have changed our parking fees for overnight guests and it is $5.00 per night in St. Ignace. You will notice some huge improvements in our parking lot though. We have paved the entire lot in St. Ignace and made it easier for our guests to find spots as they are all marked now. We hope you have a wonderful trip!

Sarah Esser

Planning to catch the ferry from Mackinaw City and have a 27′ RV. Can we park in the free day parking, or is there another location that we’d need to go and is there a fee?

Misty Martinchek

Come right to the dock and they will direct you where to go. Parking is free for the day. Have a great time!


Do you do free shuttle to and from the Wilderness State Park in Carp Lake?

Misty Martinchek

Unfortunately we do not shuttle from that Park. It is just a little too far away. We do have free day parking at 311 S. Nicolet Street, Mackinaw City, MI 49701. We hope you enjoy your trip!

Michele Fermin

is the St Ignace parking lot safe or has security for overnight parking?

Misty Martinchek

This whole area is reasonably safe. We do not have a lot of issues at any of our parking areas. All of the parking in St. Ignace is right on-site, but we do not have security. We hope this helps with your planning and we can’t wait to see you in St. Ignace!

Martha Parker

Do you have a free shuttle from Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground and can you bring your own bike on the shuttle?

Misty Martinchek

Yes, we can pick you up at the front of the Mill Creek Campground. When you give us a call, just let us know that you have bikes and we will send one of our shuttles that has a bike rack. HAve a great trip!

Kathleen Johnson

Greetings William! If departing Mackinaw City, you’ll proceed to our Day Lot via Exit 338 on I-75. If traveling via St. Ignace, you’ll just proceed directly to the dock for assistance. Thanks and we’ll see you soon.


Hi, I plan on driving to the St. Ignace ferry dock on a Friday evening to stay overnight at Mackinaw Island. Should I be concerned about the parking there being full by then?


Kathleen Johnson

Hello Diane. Both day and overnight parking is located at our dock in St. Igance. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee availability, however you more than likely will have no issues attempting to park. We hope this helps.


Do you offer VIP parking for overnight guests staying at The Grand Hotel? Upon arrival to Shelpler’s Ferry, can folks drive up to the dock to unload luggage to have vehicle Valet Parked or do you only offer Self-Parking? If Valet is available, what is the cost?

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.

Best regards


Kathleen Johnson

Hi there Marie. We do have premium parking available for both day and overnight guests in our Premium Dock Lot in Mackinaw City. Please go ahead and click PARKING above for all the details. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


What times does the ferry run from Mackinaw City? How early in the day, and how late?

Kathleen Johnson

Hi Lisa. Thanks for asking. Our complete and current schedule can be viewed right here on our website! Please click SCHEDULE at the top of the screen for details. Thanks again.

Kathleen Johnson

Hi Cherene. Motorcycle parking is available in both Mackinaw City and St. Ignace. For additional details, please call 231.436.5023. Thank you!

Sharon Jepson

We booked the Night Sky Cruise Aug 11th, is it still worth a trip to the Dark Sky park separately or are we cruising right past that area anyway?

Kathleen Johnson

Hi Sharon. We love the Dark Sky Park and encourage everyone to visit if timing permits!


Is there parking available for an oversized vehicle such as a truck pulling an RV? If not, are there recommendations you have for where nearby parking may be available?

Kathleen Johnson

Hello Cara and yes! We offer RV parking in both our Mackinaw City and St. Ignace locations. For details and pricing, please give us a call during regular business hours at 231.436.5023. Thank yoU!


A warning to all people parking at Shepler’s parking lot by the Mackinaw City docks. We’ve used Shepler’s in the past, but had a surprise this time. It used to be free to park in the parking lot by the Mackinaw City docks, unless it was valet parked or parked inside a building. Not any more. We stayed on Mackinac Island for two nights and were hit with a $50 charge for parking in the parking lot! I guess that’s a way for Shepler’s to double their prices and packaging it through charging large fees for parking. There were no signs up indicating the cost of parking or at the ticket window. It’s a great way to lose loyal customers to Star Lines Ferry Co.

Kathleen Johnson

Hi Rick Our parking options are very public and are noted on our website as well as our brochures, etc. In addition, our premium lot at the Mackinaw City dock is always staffed during hours of operation. The cast member there is instructed to inform guests of all options. We apologize for falling short in any way while visiting and we do hope to see you again very soon.

Michael T Huhn

interested in handicap parking for a 3 day stay on the island after Labor Day 2020. What are my options.

Kathleen Johnson

Hi Michael. Several options exist however it depends on where you’re traveling from. Please give us a call at 231.436.5023 during business hours so that we can assist. Thank you for choosing Shepler’s and we look forward to seeing you.

Jeff Huxley


What security do you provide (either $5 or premium parking)? Is the lot fenced or monitored/video surveillance?

Kathleen Johnson

Yes Sally! We offer complimentary shuttle service from our Day Lot on Nicolet Avenue in Mackinaw City to our dock. We also offer various hotel and campground shuttle service in both Mackinaw City and St. Ignace. For specifics, please call our office during regular business hours at 231.436.5023. Thank you!


I am bringing a group of Girl Scouts on a bus in June of 2021, can we park it in RV parking? If so, what is the current nightly cost for that?

Kathleen Johnson

Hi Ashley! Thanks for asking and we look forward to meeting your group. We have different options for Mackinaw City and St. Iglance. It would be best for you to contact our Groups Department at 231.436.5023 M-F 9-5 or email groups@sheplersferry.com. Thank you!

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