Do you love your job?

We do.  And it shows in the smiles that you see when you ride our ferries.

As any company can, we could give you a list of benefits and perks of working for us. But, when we start recruiting new cast members, we aren’t looking for people who just like what they see on paper. What we really want to do is find people that will love their job, love the company, and love the people that they work with.  It may seem strange to some people to use the word “love” when describing a job, but what we found when we asked our Cast Members what their favorite part of working for Shepler’s is, the word “love” came up in almost every conversation.

What is there to love?  These are the answers that we heard from our cast.

“Wholeheartedly, I love the little glimpses I get into other people’s lives. I love all the stories I’m told by different guests, whether I’m ready to hear them or not. I’ve met some extraordinary people that are not only guests, but fellow cast members. I also love working on Island time which can be chaotic for cast members, but worth every minute. And there’s something about the “Up North” atmosphere that makes me feel whole!”

– Shelby, Dock/Deck Hand, Mackinaw City (3 seasons)

Andrew, Maintenance Lead, 16 seasons


“I love working for a family owned business. I am going on my 5th season and every day is a new adventure. We deal with every aspect of Shepler’s in the ticket office. We hear compliments, and we hear complaints about every group of employees from guest services to dockhand, deckhands, maintenance, and yes even the captains! We have and will continue to hear it all! I for one have to say I work with the greatest group of ladies, ever! And Kudos to all the rest of our wonderful cast members. let’s go bring on the ‘RAGING FANS’!!” We Are Family!

– Melodie, Ticket Office, Mackinaw City (5 seasons)

“I love what I do every day, helping people plan their group itineraries and the relationships that I have been able to make with our clients over the past nine years.”

– Katie, Director of Sales (9 seasons)

“The crew, whether we are having a good day or not. I love the hustle each day no matter what the weather is like snow, rain or sunshine.”

– Damian, Head Island Dock Lead (10 seasons)

Erik, Captain, 21 seasons


“The Shepler’s are wonderful people to work for.”

– Pat, Group Sales Coordinator (2 seasons)

“Working for all three generations of the family. My “office” views, my co-workers, and meeting people who ride Harleys.”

– Mark, Captain (36 seasons)

Rich, Dock / Deck Hand, Mackinaw City, 3 seasons


“After being out of the work force for over 30 years. Shepler’s, gave me the opportunity to work for them, I’ll be going on my 3rd season. I can hardly wait for the Captain to blow the horn on opening day. Not only is Shepler’s, first class service to the Island, they are a first class family to work for. My favorite thing is to be around the water every day, and working with great people!”

– Julia,Ticket Office, St. Ignace (3 seasons)

“I have the best office in the world… Great views, great cast to work with, 200+ new faces every trip, and no trip is the same… always keeps you on your toes.”

– Geoff, Captain (11 seasons)

“The best part is being outside and meeting a vast range of people (whether they are nice or not.)

– Austin, Dock Lead, Mackinaw City (3 seasons)

“I’d have to say the people. Everyone, the people we work with and the guests, meeting new people every day!”

– Kaleb, Dock Lead, Mackinac Island (7 seasons)

We think our cast members are our best asset, and as you can see, they think this is a great place to work.  Do we have bad days?  Sure, everyone does, but we learn from those experiences and make the next day better.

One thing we pride ourselves on is longevity.  When you read through the cast member quotes, did you notice the number of seasons listed?  Not only do our cast members say they love their jobs, but they keep coming back year after year, and that’s all the proof we need.

Does this all sound good to you?

We are hiring for the 2018 season.

Apply here for a job you’ll love.